Barbering Courses Swansea

Looking for barber courses in Swansea? The Barbering School of Wales offers individuals based in Swansea the opportunity to learn the art of barbering from its state-of-the-art facility in the Welsh capital.

Located just a short drive from Swansea, BSW is passionate about providing the highest standard of barber training to students looking for an exciting change of careers. As well as their theory learning, our program provides students with a lot of 'hands-on' experience in a practical environment.

Become a Qualified Barber

BSW offers individuals in Swansea a comprehensive introduction to barbering for those seeking to become qualified barbers or run their own barbershop. Our training and classes provide students with the latest methods and skills needed to succeed in this field. Experienced course leaders will provide step-by-step guidance on how to do a full haircut, including grooming and shaving tips.

There are a limited number of spaces available for our next level 2 course starting January 3rd, 2022. If you would like to reserve a spot, simply click ENROLL NOW and fill out the form.


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Barber Course Highlights

Is hair your passion? With mentorship from industry leaders and hands-on experience, we encourage students to explore their creativity and develop their hair cutting and styling skills.

As well as gaining a comprehensive understanding of hair anatomy, you will also learn how to provide excellent customer service and work with a wide variety of hair types. As part of this course, you will also be taught how to conduct a thorough consultation with your clients.


Develop up-to-date skills so you can fast track your career

Learn the skills needed to produce a perfect haircut and groom facial hair, with step-by-step supervision

You'll learn about the tools and products every barber must have

Develop your customer-facing skills by learning how to conduct client consultations

Gain an understanding of how to work successfully in a barbershop and retain clients

Master wet shaving and expand your knowledge of hair trends

Gain a thorough understanding of hair theory and the various types of hair

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Course Structure

The course is delivered over 9 weeks, from Monday to Saturday.

Who is the Barber Training Course for?

We welcome individuals from all over Swansea and the UK. Those seeking a career in men's grooming should not miss out on this course. This program is designed for newcomers who require practical guidance from experts to get started as well as experienced professionals looking to build on their existing skill-set.

How Is The Course Assessed?

The end of week 9 will include a class competition where you will present your best haircut and be evaluated. An industry expert will judge the competition. Your final grade for your BSW in Barbering Level 2 certificate is determined by the results of this final exam.

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There is no formal entry requirement for our training. All you need is a passion for barbering, we'll teach you the rest!

Career Path

Upon completion of this training course, students will possess a range of professional skills required to become a qualified barber. Their knowledge of the latest grooming techniques will ensure that they reach the top of their profession and increase their chance of gaining employment at a top Swansea or UK barbershop. We will provide you with a level 2 certificate of achievement, which will serve as a valuable addition to your CV.

How We Create A Successful Learning Enviroment

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Industry Leading Educators

We have award-winning educators with decades of industry experience to help you achieve your goals.


Barbershop Environment

Students learn in a state-of-the-art barbershop where they work with real clients.

Comb Techniques

A Hands-On Approach to Training

Our free haircut program ensures you will have a constant supply of real-life models to practice your newly acquired skills on.


Small Class Sizes

Getting an educator's attention shouldn't be a struggle. We offer small classes and individualised guidance.

Beginners, career changers, and professional stylists from all over Swansea can find complete training with BSW.

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