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NVQ Level 2 Barbering Courses

Course Duration: 9 Weeks

Course Times: 10:00 - 17:00 | Mon-Fri


We offer payment plans so you can pay for your course in instalments. Get in touch for further details on course fees and start dates.


NVQ Barber Course Structure

Full-Time NVQ Level 2 Introduction; There are no entry requirements, previous skills or qualifications needed to join the course. From our Theory & initial cutting on head blocks, set your barbering career goals, learn about your tools, develop your basic barbering techniques and understand shape. Learn how to cut hair using basic techniques on training head blocks and watch demos from industry experts; deconstruct the steps of haircuts; completion of theoretical coursework and exams.

Transition haircuts from head blocks onto real live clients – focus on developing and maintaining advanced techniques such as basic guards work, scissor-over-comb, clipper work, fading, layering and texturising. Also, work on facial hair and traditional wet shaving. Throughout the training, you will receive complete teacher support with common mistakes and challenges. At this stage, students will be assessed on their haircuts to be completed to standards sufficient to earn your BSW NVQ Level 2 barber qualification.

Become proficient in haircuts, learn tricks of the trade, develop commercial skills and personalise haircuts that will improve your effectiveness at work; teacher support with refining cutting techniques; focus on finishing and cutting speed. Students will be assessed on the overall quality of their haircuts that must be passed to a BSW standard. You will undertake additional practice on advanced and unorthodox haircuts you would find inside a barbershop. Students will also be trained on career development skills such as photography, content creation, online profile building and marketing themselves to prospective employers and barbershops when applying for a job.


For the daytime course, at the end of week 9, students will participate in a class competition where they will present their best haircut against peers and be rated. This will be judged by an industry-leading barber. The outcomes of this final stage will determine your final grade for your BSW in Barbering NVQ diploma.

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What You Will Learn On Your NVQ Barber Courses

Value & Purpose determination

Goal Setting

Tool & Product knowledge

Understanding the hair & the head – shapes

Advanced Cutting Techniques – Classic And Creative

Scissor Work - Scissor over comb, Texturising, Layering, and Building the Structure of a Haircut

Clipper work - Guard work, clipper over comb

Fading - skin-fades, zero-fades, 1-fades, 1.5-fades

Razor work

Facial Hair

Wet Shaving

Long Hair & advanced haircuts

Style and finishing techniques

Shampooing and conditioning the hair and scalp

Consultation & Customer service skills

Health & Safety


Marketing yourself & building an industry profile


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