BSW Graduate Barbershop

The only Academy in the UK to offer direct working opportunities to our student barbers

We are focused on making your career

We are focused on making your career change as smooth as possible so we have created a Graduate Barbershop for our students to work in after their barbering course.

A stepping stone from barbering course to paid work

Barbering School of Wales is the leading barbering academy in Wales which trains individuals to the highest standard in traditional and modern barbering techniques. The BSW Graduate Barbershop is a workspace which provides a stepping stone for BSW Graduates into the barbering world. This space provides our graduates a suitable environment to develop, grow and earn an income straight from their Academy course.


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Scissor cut

BSW Course Overview

Value & Purpose determination

Goal Setting

Tool & Product knowledge

Understanding the hair & the head – shapes

Cutting techniques – classic and creative

Scissor Work - Scissor over comb, Texturising, Layering, and Building the Structure of a Haircut

Clipper work - Guard work, clipper over comb

Fading - skin-fades, zero-fades, 1-fades, 1.5-fades

Razor work

Facial Hair

Wet Shaving

Long Hair & advanced haircuts

Style and finishing techniques

Shampooing and conditioning the hair and scalp

Consultation & Customer service skills

Health & Safety


Marketing yourself & building an industry profile

How We Create A Successful Learning Enviroment

wet shaving

Industry Leading Educators

Our courses and in-house demonstrations are overseen by experts from the barbering industry.


Babershop Environment

Students learn in a state-of-the-art barbershop where they work with real clients.

Comb Techniques

A Hands-On Approach to Training

Our courses are based upon a strong emphasis towards gaining hands-on experience on real-life models.


Small Class Sizes

We keep class sizes small to ensure all students receive the neccessary attention and guidance.

Getting an educator's attention shouldn't be a struggle. We offer small classes and individualised guidance.

We offer full training to beginners, career changers, and advanced stylists from all over the Bristol area.

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